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Good morning to yee! Your spark is not your purpose.

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Mental Health

Have you watched Pixar’s ‘Soul’ yet? If you haven’t, I highly recommend doing so. The premise of the movie is all about “finding your purpose.” And we know that sentence alone can push us into a tailspin of anxiety…

While our purpose connects us to one another, our spark is what defines us as individuals — like how we light up when we’re singing on stage, or beam as we perfect a culinary masterpiece in our kitchen.

Just a little something to snack on if you’re wracking your brain about not having your life purpose figured out yet. You do. It’s right there in front of you.


Teen Mom OG has a new season out right now, which I have been watching every Tuesday night with my husband.

  • Take breaks from social media and the news (or avoid it altogether)Seriously helpful for your mental state. Pick up a book or magazine instead.
  • Model self-care for your kids — Eating right, exercising at home, showing them that mom’s needs are important, too.
  • Identify what you can control — This one is huge. Is school canceled? Instead of complaining about what you’re not able to get done with kids at home, focus on what you can control instead. Namely, time spent playing with your kids.
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While the fashion industry took quite the blow from the pandemic, it kind of deserved it. Of course I don’t say this to everyone who works in fashion, mainly just the big box corporate stores who were only ever after money.


Mental health therapist Tiffany Roe (my absolute favorite), has some unconventional advice about mental health when it comes to how you identify yourself.

  1. JOURNAL — Journal what you think you are and then identify the ego stories that make “you” up.
  2. MEDITATE — Meditate and ask the question, “Who am I?”

Thank you for reading.

Let’s get through February so we can inch a little bit closer to dusting off our floral maxis, even if we have to wear them underneath a pile of cashmere sweaters.

Life is better when we laugh. I write about the importance of mental health & believe our weirdness is what makes us great.

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