How is Your Mental Health Doing This Winter?

And, how was your Valentine’s Day?!

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Mental Health

It has been snowing in the Northeast for what seems like months. I’ve been finding mental reprieve by reminding myself that Winter will come to an end, and Spring will show its sunny self here soon.

So, what can we do to combat SAD?

In addition to Feel Good basics (eating well, exercising daily, keeping a routine, getting outside, and keeping a healthy sleep-wake schedule), here are some science-backed ways to ward off the winter blues.

  • Create social situations. Again, difficult to accomplish during the pandemic, but there are ways around this. While virtual life isn’t ideal, it is the next best thing. Having routine FaceTimes with friends and family is extremely helpful in increasing serotonin levels in the brain. You can also set up weekly coffee or hot chocolate dates with friends outside, and make Saturday morning walks with your neighbor a priority.
  • Wear color. I know, the cold weather months are an excellent excuse to wear all black all the time. But incorporating color into your winter wardrobes will put a serious pep in your step, as color is proven to boost mood.
  • Consider antidepressants. If you really cannot shake your feelings of sadness, fatigue, and lack of motivation, talk to your doctor about taking antidepressants.
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The New York Times, in my opinion, has done an incredible job of shedding a realistic, albeit dispiriting light, on parenting during the pandemic — especially for mothers.

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I love when I find a brand that gets it. Futuremood is the world’s first sunglass brand proven to alter your state of mind, their energy-boosting and calm-inducing lenses built on the principles of color therapy.

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Because it was just Valentine’s Day, you know, the universal day of *love,* here is (yet another!) excellent tip from modern mental health studio, Mindful Counseling:

Unrelated Note

What is everyone reading? I feel the need to get lost in a page-turning fantasy thriller. Are there any other book clubs out there other than Reece’s Book Club? Love that club but am yearning for something different.

In case you missed it…

Last week I spoke with a clean living expert on overcoming alcoholism and anxiety, where she showed us how to live life intentionally, no matter what battles we’re up against. Here is our convo if you didn’t get around to reading it:

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