What You CAN Do During Quarantine — A Positive Take

This is an inconvenience, yes. End of the world? I don’t think.

Photo by Aubrey Rose Odom on Unsplash
Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash

Keep a quarantine diary

20 years from now, we’ll be able to look back on a time in history that we will never forget. Why not document it via a handwritten journal?

Read good books

Whether your cup of reading tea is fiction, non-fiction, memoirs, romance novels or murder mysteries, reading a physical book is a gift of imagination, inspiration and motivation. All feelings that we need right now.

Play outside

We have been given the gift of reconnecting with nature, and it’s truly a waste to not relish in that gift.

Find new ways to exercise

With fitness studios closed, I can only assume fitness addicts like myself are going to go (rightfully) insane.

Watch good movies

Every genre of movie serves a purpose. Depending on what mood you’re in, I believe movies (and tv series) to be extremely empowering in conveying relatable and inspirational messages to us when we need it most.

FaceTime friends

We no longer have the excuse of being too tired from a long work day to call our friends back. So, schedule FaceTime dates with friends, and give yourself a 2-minute limit of complaining about being quarantined.

Start a business

This lockdown is already hurting businesses, so starting one may sound stupid. But I think the opposite to be true.

Write a book

You’ve heard the saying. “Everyone has a book in them.”

Photo by Katy Anne on Unsplash

If you are rolling your eyes at this post and shouting, HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO DO THIS WITH KIDS?…

I feel you, because I am you.

Quarantine Conclusion

If nothing else, this is a slap in the face reminding us that we aren’t special. Everyone — Every person, every small business, every large corporation, every celebrity, every author, every mother, every father, every truck driver, every healthcare provider — is being affected by this. Some a lot more than others.

Life is better when we laugh. I write about the importance of mental health & believe our weirdness is what makes us great. https://ashleyalt.substack.com/

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