What is Your Favorite Phone-less Activity?

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Notorious for not texting or calling people back — the reasonable answer being I’m a mom with article and book deadlines to adhere to— the real answer is that being on my phone pisses me off.

Unless the text, call or skimming of an article is purposeful, scrolling through social media for no reason other than to fill a time lull is mentally draining. It makes me feel tired, lazy and above all else, terribly bored.

I’m a writer, so I enjoy writing. My MacBook will forever be my companion in times of leisure, crisis and beyond.

My phone, on the other hand, continues to prove to be nothing more than a distraction from my goals — therefore, impeding on not only my professional progress, but my personal sense of pride and happiness — something that none of us can afford to lose.

What are good phone-less activities, and why should we do them?

The obvious answers to phone-less activities (in the wake of social distancing) are reading books, spending time outside, working out, reconnecting with your partner, and cooking.

I want to know what the not-so-obvious answers are. You know, the things that people enjoy doing but won’t necessarily admit? Or perhaps don’t know about yet?

That said…

Here are 5 phone-less activities to keep yourself busy and excited about life during self-quarantine.

1. 100 Goals

Lately, I’ve been finding deep satisfaction with an exercise called “100 Goals.” You open up your journal, and begin writing whatever life goal pops into your head.

This can literally be anything — having a glass of wine with Sarah Jessica Parker in Central Park, becoming a bestselling author, hiring a fabulous interior designer for your new house, making $200,000 per year, traveling to Australia, getting a St. Bernard and naming him Beethoven — Anything.

And you don’t have to do it all in one setting. I started this a few weeks ago and am on goal #51. I just pick it up whenever a new goal pops into my mind and write her down.

2. Plan Trips

What better moment to plan future trips than a time when we have all the time to do it?

When this lockdown is over — and no one knows when that will be — we are going to jump at every social opportunity that presents itself. From galavanting to bars and restaurants to meeting our friends at a concert, every social outing is going to feel like Spring break. And I can’t wait for it.

Take the time — perhaps whip out your handy journal where your 100 goals are housed — and map out anticipated social gatherings like throwing a birthday party for your husband, taking a long weekend to visit your sister, and reserving a beach getaway with your best friends.

3. Create your Spring wardrobe

This pandemic is predicted to linger into the upcoming warmer months, so when we unshackle ourselves from our homes, it might be nice to look nice.

A trusted resource for quick style tips (with convenient links to shop high and low priced items) is WhoWhatWear. They roll out quality content daily, and are an all-around fantastic resource to bookmark.

Because these are supposed to be phone-less activities, I am encouraging us to create a style vision board equipped with inspiring color palettes, magazine clippings and fashionable photographs. If Pinterest is more your style, utilize that — on your computer, not your phone.

Photo by Philipe Cavalcante on Unsplash

4. Set intentional affirmations

I’m a feature writer for a real estate trade publication, where I interview real estate experts on their “rags to riches” type success stories.

Last week I spoke with a mortgage broker who explained one simple exercise she has done every day since she was 18 years old, crediting it to her success in sales, in relationships, and in life.

You write your name out like this:







Then use a word or phrase to describe yourself (who you are, who you want to be, and who you want to be in the face of others). So then it looks like this…






Yearns for excitement

She recommends writing your name on a post-it and sticking it to your bathroom mirror so you see it (and start to believe it) every morning. The point, of course, is to remind yourself you can overcome any challenge, get through any hardship, and pursue anything you want to pursue, because you’re YOU.

5. Rediscover yourself

If this lockdown is teaching us anything, it’s forcing us to be still with ourselves. Patience, discipline and self-control are acting as our professors in this time of panic — on one side of the spectrum — and boredom on the other.

We are being forced to face ourselves in the deepest sense — what we don’t like about ourselves, bad habits we’re having trouble breaking, and self-limiting beliefs that keep surfacing.

Take this time to evaluate who you are and what’s holding you back from living the life you want to live.

Why haven’t you started the business you want to start? What’s causing you to drink more? Who have you been ignoring, and why? How are you going to come out of the Coronavirus lockdown a stronger, happier, more sprightly individual?

Thanks for reading!





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