This is Why Kat Graham Wants Women Everywhere to be in Charge of Their Sexual Health

Ashley Alt
4 min readFeb 7, 2022


Kat Graham, musician, actress, women’s health advocate, and ridiculously gorgeous specimen of a woman, spoke with me on why she’s adamant about educating women on their sexual wellness. More than anything, she wants women everywhere to get to a place where we have full ownership over our bodies.

Originally from Georgia (she’s a “Southern girl!” she tells me), Kat was raised in LA, but loves how everyone “keeps it real in the South.” Taking on projects that elevate communities needing a voice is her jam.

With an impressive roster that she’s humbly proud of, including playing the first black April O’Neil in the Nickelodeon Series, “Rise of The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles,” releasing several catchy albums and singles, and starring in a (not yet released) Netflix film, “Love in The Villa,” it seems as though Kat is only scratching the surface of her professional career.

Most recently, Kat is having fun utilizing her charismatic personality and passion for humanitarian work through a partnership with Lo Loestrin Fe (also known as “Lolo”), a birth control containing the lowest dose of estrogen on the market. Being vocal on her social platforms about why Lolo works for her, Kat is sending a loud message to women that taking control of your sexual wellbeing isn’t only a matter of health, but one of respect.

Knowledge is Power, and so is Standing Up For Yourself

Kat tells me she is proud to be aligned with a company that is “getting the message out about empowering young women to obtain the proper health education they need to make smart decisions about their bodies and lives.”

“Partnering with Lo Loestrin Fe was a match-made in heaven because I was already looking for ways to empower women; women who were looking to me for answers on their mental and physical health,” she said. “During Covid, I did these fan zooms, and a lot of the conversations were questions around sexual wellness I didn’t have the answers to. That’s when I knew I wanted to be the one providing them.”

Inspired by the overwhelming amount of responses she received, Kat felt compelled to have more conversations with more women to get rid of the stigmas surrounding sexual health through as many outlets as possible, including Instagram stories, podcasts, interviews, and campaigns.

“I’m excited to tackle the taboos as a black woman.”

“I’m excited to empower my girls!” she exclaimed. “I wouldn’t recommend anything to my friends and family that I wouldn’t take. I’m lucky Lolo is right for me. That said, I know it works for me and my body, but that doesn’t mean it’s going to work for you. Only you can know that once you talk to your doctor.”

Over the last two years, Kat admitted to shying away from having uncomfortable conversations, like those surrounding sexual wellness, but is more ready than ever to lay everything out there that women have questions about.

“Now I’m like, ‘Let’s talk about our health, let’s talk about our bodies,’ Kat said. “We have to have uncomfortable conversations in order to get to a place of empowerment. I’m brave enough to have these conversations because I value myself enough to educate myself. There are so many things I’m excited for right now,” she continued. “I’m excited to tackle the taboos as a black woman and I’m excited to continue my journey of uplifting women who need it most.”

Kat Wants You To Know You’re Worth It.

Shifting gears to talk about her wellness routine, Kat says that what currently works for her during her busy shooting schedule is intermittent fasting, staying loyal to her vitamin C and vitamin D supplements, and doing sound bowls.

“I believe that I come first,” she says. “I’m a workaholic, but I always put me first, and I’m always asking myself throughout the day, ‘Am I standing up for myself?’”

Speaking of standing up for herself, Kat signed on with L’Oréal a few years back, crediting their infamous slogan, “Because you’re worth it,” to being exactly how she feels about all of the projects she’s taken on that inspire women to be better.

“You’re WORTH getting this information on sexual wellness,” she emphasized. “You’re WORTH knowing what works for your body. You’re worth it all.”

She leaves women with this bit of advice:

“With any decision you make in your life, including health decisions, make sure it comes from a place of empowerment and knowledge.”

Ashley is a Connecticut-based writer specializing in mental health, wellness and fashion. She believes our weirdness is what makes us great, and is on a mission to make mental health work fun.

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