Running Low On Creativity? Here’s How To Get It Back

The answer to getting it back has nothing to do with creating and everything to do with living

Ashley Alt
4 min readDec 17, 2019


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When you feel like you have no ideas left for creative content (articles, projects, videos, podcasts and the like), it’s because you’ve forgotten where great ideas come from.

If you’re in a productivity lull, it’s because you’ve lost sight of the things in life that make you feel alive like fresh air, delectable Italian dishes, unfiltered conversation with strangers and spontaneous road trips.

Where Do Great Ideas Come From?

Great ideas come from great adventures, great people, great food and great experiences.

Creativity is compromised when you become disconnected from the things that inspire you.

So, how do you get it back?

You remember what, and who, brings out that colorful aspect of your you-ness and you immerse yourselves in all their glory.

For me, getting my creative groove back looks like this…

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Meeting up with dear friends: I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Friends are the pinnacle of the good life. They bring us back to Earth when we’re being selfish. They bring us laughter when we’re taking ourselves too seriously. And they bring us happiness whenever we need it most.

Meeting up with a friend (or friends) over good wine and even better conversation is sometimes all it takes to erase a bad day or remind us of what’s important in life.

Go to Target and buy some pink boas, call your friend up for an emergency meet-up, and greet her at a cocktail lounge downtown — one feather boa around your neck, and one in hand to give to her. Share some dirty martinis and laugh about the silliness of life.

There is always something to gain from spending time with people who make you feel good.

Taking a mini trip to a different city: New surroundings bring new perspective, new thoughts and ideas, and a new way of being. Cities energize me the same way new discoveries fascinate small children. The different types of people walking the streets coupled with exotic cuisines, beautiful architecture and vibrant neighborhoods never cease to ignite novel ideas.

Take a solo trip to a neighboring city and allow the charming shops and stylish street walkers to do the creative work for you. Or, invite the friend or family member who is always up for adventure and double your creative getaway retreat as a weekend spent with loved ones.

Reading a new book: There is something special about holding a book in your hands, opening it not knowing what you will find inside, and feeling emotions you didn’t know could be provoked from a good book.

Go to the bookstore and choose a book based off an author’s inspiration for their story instead of a standout book cover. Roam the aisles that you normally wouldn’t roam, and pick a book that makes you laugh. Get a book that isn’t a bestseller.

There is always something to be gained from reading — whether it’s business tips, parenting advice or self-improvement practices, books are the necessary escape from reality that we all need from time to time.

Going to the movies: The convenience of Netflix and other streaming devices will never compare with the experience of being in a movie theatre — buttery popcorn in hand, excited movie-goers alongside you, and the boom of that sweet cinema sound when the lights go out will always outweigh binge-watching on your couch.

Get tickets for you and a fellow movie buff and head to the local movie theatre. Pick a film outside of your usual psychological thriller or rom-com or whatever go-to genre you tend to lean toward, and see how it moves you.

Falling under the same inspiriting atmosphere includes gallivanting to a comedy show, jazz club, broadway performance or piano bar. Each of these will conjure that delightful inspiration (and awakening feeling) you’ve been long-searching for.

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Wearing something bold: Interesting clothing and unexpected accessories are thee best conversation pieces, whether you are headed to a fancy party, business meeting or somewhere in-between.

Not only does a statement coat or statement necklace make you feel like a million bucks, wearing them brings out the fun in you.

Bright colors, oversize sunglasses, feather loafers and exaggerated silhouettes cause you to stand taller, act prouder and speak freely.

Wake up tomorrow and spiral curl your hair, adorn a felt hat and put on the most colorful sweater you own and go seize the day.

Dressing in a way that makes you feel alive does wonders for the creative mind. The more you do it, the more creative you’ll become.

Final Thoughts

Step away from your keyboard or office and remind yourself that life is too short and too precious to be boring.

Life’s little getaways, either mental or literal, are essential to the creatives’ creative process. Avoid falling into those dreadful creative pits by filling your days and weeks with fabulous people, intriguing conversation, delicious food and fresh perspectives.

Sometimes all you need is a friendly reminder to remember how unique you are. So consider this your boot to the tediousness of winter foraying a new and improved (and more extravagant) you.

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