Making Time for Your Relationship — How Do You Do that with Kids?

Microdating could very well be the new “it” trend that sticks

Photo by Relevante design on Unsplash

NYT Parenting continues to be my backlog of insight and inspiration when it comes to anything parent-related, especially when it’s sharing specifics on everything but parenting, like relationships.

I’ve finished The Kids Are in Bed book and am still craving more information on how modern-day mothers make time for shit outside of work, parenting and keeping their relationship alive.

While it miffs me that “keeping the relationship alive” still largely falls on the woman in the relationship, we’ll save that convo — and the statistics on gender disparity — for another newsletter.

In this “Strategies for Connecting After Kids” piece, Cully, a mom, embraces “microdates” with her husband, where they designate at least 15 minutes per week to their marriage, microdating — sitting down on the couch or patio with a glass of wine; music playing in the background, talking about anything but their kids.

I am obsessed with this (1) because I like the term “microdate,” (2) it is extremely practical and (3) what a great excuse to have a glass of alcohol on a Tuesday.

Try a microdate this week and tell me if you liked it. And if you did, persuade Jake that they are effective (and maybe even fun?) because he doesn’t like when I “use him for research.”

Cheers! It’s Wednesday!



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