How To Stay Cheery in The Winter Months

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Here Are 11 Fool-Proof Tips for Falling in Love with Winter

Tip #1: Dedicate one night a week to family

Tip #2: Get together with friends OFTEN

Tip #3: Plan a vacation.

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Tip #4: Wear bright colors

Colors largely influence our moods, so put some sunshine in your style when dreary days piss you off.

Tip #5: Reinvent yourself in some way

Tip #6: Set an exciting goal

Tip #7: Cherish the holidays

Photo by Mehrdad Haghighi on Unsplash

Tip #8: Read — A lot!

Tip #9: Take brisk walks (or runs) outside

Tip #10: Take mental health days

Tip #11: Find a way to make a difference in your community

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