How To Rediscover Yourself in Adulthood

What better time than right this instant?

First Up — Your Appearance

You feel good when you look good. It’s just that simple.

Second Up, Mini Mind Makeover

What do you enjoy doing? Not for work, not for money, not for someone else’s pleasure. What do you, plain and simple, enjoy doing?

Third Up, Career Boost

Do you like your job? Does your boss believe in you or belittle you? Do your colleagues cheer you on or bring you down? Is the work you’re doing fulfilling or soul-sucking?

Your future self will thank and applaud you for it, no matter what the outcome is.

Last Up, Believe in Yourself

The point of rediscovering yourself is to do so unapologetically. You can’t let the opinions of other people coerce you back into your old ways or prevent you from molding your New You mindset.



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Ashley Alt

Life is better when we laugh. I write about the importance of mental health & believe our weirdness is what makes us great.