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From accepting your mental illness to succeeding in your New Year’s goals, here is your briefing on mental health to kick off the week

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Welcome to The Roundup

Welcome to The Roundup, a Monday Medium series that discusses the BEST OF in Mental Health, Motherhood, Fashion and Identity.

Mental Health

Kim and Kanye are getting a divorce. Many sources say the split has been a “long time coming” due to Kanye’s many public outbursts and rants, stemming from his bipolar disorder.


I’m going to admit something that may make some people (moms, namely) gasp in disbelief:

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Why I’ve Stopped Trying So Hard To Make “Mom Friends”

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I started a “No Buying New” challenge on January 1st.


You’re more likely to succeed in you’re new year’s goals (or any goals) if you have an accountability buddy.

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In case you missed it…

In past week’s newsletters, I talked about how deciding you’re worth it could be the answer to all of life’s problems. I also had an entertaining interview with a writer/creative director/sober enthusiast. Here they are if you didn’t get around to reading them:

Mantra this week

“You can have anything you want in life if you dress for it.”

Thank you for reading today. I will see you next Monday :)

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Life is better when we laugh. I write about the importance of mental health & believe our weirdness is what makes us great.

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