A Modern Mom’s Guide To Style in 2020

Will the new Roaring Twenties deliver the fashionable musings its predicted to? Time will tell.

Ashley Alt
2 min readJan 3, 2020
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I’m not one to follow trends, but I do like keeping tabs on what’s hot and what’s not in the realm of fashion, especially as we embark on a new year brimming with stylistas’ showing off of intriguing outfitting.

The overall theme this year (and hopefully forever) is sustainability. Basically, sustainability is the new black. So shopping vintage, consignment and resale (in addition to donating your old belongings) should happen. Also, prioritizing comfort over fuss will be a continuing theme, as we see a decline in athleisure (finally). Side note: its replacement is so much better.

3 Style Trends I Love & Will Be Embracing For Years To Come

Loafers: From men-inspired to embellishments of fur and metallic, the loafer hits every fashionable mark — classic, stylish, unexpected, and sleek.

Pouf sleeve: I’m predicting Victorian-era drama tops — emphasis on the drama — will be worn by everyone. This look is fabulous because it can be sexy or playful, carefree or commanding, making it the perfect top to keep on hand for meetings, social events and dates alike.

Luxury Sweater Suits: Athleisure’s replacement is monochrome sweater suits, including sweater and sweatpants combos, sweater and skirt sets, and sweater and trouser sets. Think white on white, grey on grey, black on black. These are elevated, much less sloppy looking than the tired leggings and sport top look, and are ultra comfortable.

Other “trends” I’m excited for this year are wide-leg denim and polka-dot patterns.

Happy styling! If you need more style advice or want to know where I find the best vintage-wear, ask me!



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